Detail of ISRO Achievements - By Bhupendra Prakash

ISRO Achievements - By Bhupendra Prakash


ISRO achievements

ISRO Indian space research organisation, India has recently witnessed many significant achievements in the field of Space Technology which caught the attention of the country as well as the outside world.

 Research and Development (R&D) activities in Department of Space and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have yielded many innovative technologies and products, which have been flight tested and proved their usefulness. R&D in semi-cryogenic propulsion engine, air breathing propulsion and re-usable launch vehicle technology are pursued in an effort towards reducing the cost of access to space. Development of critical technologies for undertaking human spaceflight has also made additional progress

The journey of achievement and raising the name of country has faced various issues the journey from cycle to space is the result of hardwork, now India is the sixth country after US, Russia, China, Europe and Japan in the field of space research.

India's first satellite was Aryabhata which was completely designed and fabricated in India and was launched by Soviet Kosmos-3M rocket on 19 April 1975 it was launched within 6 year of formation of ISRO.

Satellite launch vehicle-3 for SLV-3 India's first experimental satellite launch vehicle.

ISRO has successfully undertaken 101 spacecraft missions and has launched close to 269 foreign satellites.

In 2013 ISRO sent an orbiter to Mars MARS ORBITER MISSION ( MOM ) known as MANGALYAAN at a cost of $74 million. India was the first country ever to achieve the feat in the first attempt.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was famously remarked "A one-kilometre auto rickshaw ride in Ahmedabad takes ₹10 and India reached Mars at ₹7 per kilometre which is really amazing.

In 2017 ISRO launch 104 satellite in a single launch.

ISRO missions are low cost missions comparison to NASA and other space agencies.

There are many missions are to be undertaken in future like  Aditya L1 by 2019, Chandrayaan 2 by 2019,  Gaganyan by 2022 ( India's first manned mission to space )

India has also announced that it will launch its own Space Station by 2030 these are the sum fields where ISRO has created history in the world.

India will definitely achieve its targets and one day India will become the top country in every field. Indian space programe has made significant progress in its quest towards mastering critical technologies and witnessed significant milestones in space exploration. Necessary infrastructure for casting large boosters, liquid propellant engines, heavy cryogenic boosters for advanced heavier launchers and missions in the area of remote sensing, communications and navigational satellites as well as space science have been established.

The innovation and expansion of space applications programes like Tele-education and disaster management support and outreach through Direct-To-Home television, reiterates the increasing role played by the Indian space systems in providing direct benefits to the society. Thus, Indian Space Programme continues to pursue successful goals on all fronts in meeting its objective.

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