Detail of ISRO’s row of achievements

ISRO’s row of achievements

ISRO’s row of achievements : A story of transformation from being good to better and from better to the Best 

 by :Sambhav Srivastava

During the mid-twentieth century, when the Global north was busy in Space Exploration activities, a newly turned Independent India was striving  hard to achieve the bare necessities, i.e. food, cloth and shelter for its citizens. However the foresight of our visionary leaders led to the establishment of INCOSPAR (1962) & then ISRO (1969).

ISRO started as an indigenous organization mostly focussed on indigenous research. It has the proud privilege to be supervised under the shadow of luminaries like Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Though we were 20 years later than most of the developed countries, but today we have emerged as one among the six nations i.e. USA, Russia, China, Europe & Japan.

It would be rather presumptuous to count the achievements of ISRO, because ISRO in itself is a big achievement. We started from scratch & today, we are able & competent enough to place things around the Earth orbit, on the moon, on the Mars, back to the earth and even beyond.

The Prime Minister through his 2018 Independence Day speech declared that India would be having its own human space flight by 2022; which we are confident that ISRO will surely achieve. In the race of being successful and being a record-breaker, ISRO chose to be the latter one. It not only succeeded in Space exploration missions, but broke the world records by launching Space missions at breath-taking speed and at the lowest cost possible. This feat in cost and time effectiveness encouraged the World Nations to approach ISRO to have their satellites launched; and ISRO like a proud merchant set the world record by launching 104 satellites in a single launch in 2017.

The vision of ISRO is to harness space technology for the development while pursuing space science research & planetary exploration. ISRO seems to follow its vision in full letter and spirit. The launching of IRNSS-NAVIC, Mars orbiter mission, Chandrayaan, GSAT-11 , PSLV’S, GSLV’s are just a few examples of ISRO’s gleaming expertise. Today’s knowledge society is totally dependent on digital connectivity and hence indigenous technology, which is self-resilient, is the key to progress. ISRO seems to be following this principle.

The famous Nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle little star;

                                                 How I wonder what you are

will certainly lose its meaning in the present and coming future, as ISRO is galloping each day like an unstoppable horse, into the avenues of space & Planetary exploration. Thus I believe that India’s ambitious hope to emerge as a super power & Global leader depends upon its dual endowment, firstly the Demographic dividend & secondly our very own ISRO.

 Sambhav graduated from lucknow  University with an Economics degree. He  has always been an avid reader and has a passion for writing. he is  a wonderful writer and currently preparing for Civil services Examination .