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  • Sk says:
    1/27/2020 8:52:16 PM

    Gandhi hadbelief in Varna system, but opposed Cast System 

    He seeked help from Upper class of society to help improve living of dalit 

    He published " Harijan ". Opposed communal electorate 

    He asked government to decentralise tothe village level  


    Ambedkar was wholly opposing  cast and varna system 

    He was not wanting help from Upper class .. He was against it. 

    He asked their members to learn their self  " utho Jago sangathit bano "

    He accepted communal electorate on 1932 from British. .

    he was afraid of decentralised village system to avoid downtrodden suffering. 

    GANDHI  was EVOLUTIONAL,  AMBEDKAR was Revolutional. .......

    Both had common goal 

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