Foundation Course

3 Yrs Foundation Course

Become an IAS Officer After 12th

IAS NEXT Foundation Program 2022 aims for inculcating the office like qualities in the candidate thus making him/her an ideal candidate for the Civil Services Examination.

The course helps the candidate in 5 ways :

  • Increasing the reading ability of the Aspirant to make the preparation easier & Assured selection.
  • Expose the candidate to wide perspectives to ensure that there is inclusiveness and deep though in the answers he/she presents for the exam
  • Covers the entire syllabus in easy manner making the concepts absolutely clear well within time.
  • Trains the candidate for elaborate answer writing and interview guidance.
  • Finally to Achieve Aim.
IAS Foundation Course

Explore the Course Modules in Detail

Month 1 & 2

  • Basic of Political Thoughts
  • Democracy, Socialism and various other Method of Governance

1. Animal Farm, George Orwell (Book)

  • Paragraph Reading & Comprehension Classes.
  • Understanding of Introduction Body Conclusion.

2. The Doctor and the Saint, Arundhati Roy (Book)

  • About some Sociological Caste Systems etc.
  • Projects on Caste System Practice.
  • Create Questions
  • News like Articles
  • Ground work in society
  • To search ways & Measures.

3. Books of Dr. Kalam, Sri Gandhi Ji (Hind swaraj)

Month 3 & 4

  • Bhagat Singh (The Selected works of Bhagat Singh), S.C. Bose (Books- The Indian Struggle)
  • Centrality of the Middle Class, Satish Deshpande (Essay)
    • What benchmark will you create for someone to be called middle class today?
    • What are the harms of having a falsely marked middle class ?
    • India since Independence by Bipin Chandra (Finishing the whole book, light reading) (Book)
  • a. Assignments, not objective checking facts, but understanding the ideas
    • Case Studies
    • Project Work
    • Issues

Month 5 & 6

  • Book Social Problems in India : Ram Ahuja
  • Case Studies
  • Assignment
  • Maths
  • Comprehension
  • Reasoning


  • Untouchables : Narendra Jadhav
  • A Nation in Making : Surendra Nath Banerjea

Month 7 & 8

Month long reading of The Hindu, in detail.

  • Read the economy pages and make a list of terms you don't know. It will be boring in the beginning, don't leave the practice. Make a notebook of such terms and look for their meanings from Oxford Dictionary of Economics.
  • Make notes of all the orders given by the Supreme Court.
  • Write summaries of all the "Main Editorials" of The Hindu. (2 small pieces, at the left of the Editorial page)
  • Hindu Months
  • Maths & Reasoning Continue

Month 8, 9, 10 & 11 - (NCERT)

  • Month 8

    • Democratic Politics - I (9th Class)
    • Democratic Politics - II (10th Class)
  • Month 9 &10

    • History - our part - I (6th Class)
    • History - our part - II (7th Class)
    • India & Contemporary World - I (10th Class)
    • India & Contemporary World - II (10th Class)
  • Month 11

    • RTI
    • Contemporary legal Affairs

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