“Not all dreamers are winners, but all winners are dreamers. Your dream is the key to your future. The Bible says that, “without a vision (dream), a people perish.” You need a dream, if you’re going to succeed in anything you do.” ― Mark Gorman

And we are on a mission to help you realize your dreams! A beautiful dream of becoming efficient pillars of stability in the shifting sands of politics in this country.

The dream to own position, passion, and more than that, an opportunity to serve the country .

We want to help you realize this nobel dream and help you work towards it.

The words IAS NEXT (BEST IAS /PCS/PCS-J Coaching ) are symbolic to our mission.

Like you we have dream too. To make you the next IAS . The next someone you aspire to be .The next someone who you desired all your life to become. Our only aim is to encompass your dreams on the canvass of reality.

The next is form you but quite a large number of students desirous of building a career for themselves are relatively less equipped for the fairly tough competitive tests they have to appear in. Several others, who have a brilliant academic career, do not know that competitive exams are vastly different from academic examination and call for a systematic and scientifically planned guidance by a team of experts. Here one single move may invariably put one ahead of many others who lag behind.

Here we don’t boast on the tedious methods the structure is dynamic , updated and manned with qualified & experienced faculties who dream with you to make you the Next on the rolls.

The institution relentlessly works towards realizing the dream of Mr. Sudhanshu Mishra the visionary behind the whole platform, to teach and train both the Hindi and English medium students to partake in the process of nation building by joining the Civil Services.

IAS NEXT aims to develop amongst its students a competitive attitude along with sound academic base with quality teaching and individual attention as its hallmark.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – for us it is the only thought that is promoted and lingered on till you finally reach your destination. We believe in every potential and we work with you to explore your ranging comforts and discomforts and tapping a pattern for you accordingly therefore organize you in the form of a fraternity striving to achieve the success in Civil Services Exam.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.” ― Carl R. Rogers

The clarity of mission is the most important element in a positive personality who aims at something to achieve. And the clarity is garnered from moving in an assertive direction.

IAS NEXT is on mission of creating the new buds amply understand the basis of the exam and guide them in the right path for better results in a one precise manner.

Which emphasizes on the nature of the preparation to be made, the pattern of setting the questions and how to tackle them, evoking their interest in the various areas of knowledge, and acquiring a picture-like view of the various themes to be studied. All these dimensions of guidance to be projected as the teachers talk to the students in the classrooms.

Best IAS/PCS caoching

Apart from the talks of the teacher, there will be a series of tests to prepare them to the randomness sand complexity of questions they are going to be thrown at . A review of these tests will be done by concerned facultywith a feedback to embrace their strong and weak areas and lead them in the right direction .

Therefore IAS NEXT is on mission to create a den of aspirants who are seriously looking towards a career in civil services. The syllabus, curriculum, lessons and modules of our organization are prepared with the lot of scrutiny by learned faculties focusing on all round value building and education alertness desired for the NEXT IAS you aspire to be .

What we have in our repertory is not a bag of tricks or ways of outwitting examiners. Instead, what we aim at is to help our members to concentrate on essentials in the study of each theme or topic. There will be no foolhardy effort to acquire an encyclopedic range of knowledge in a short-while. The approach would, therefore, be to develop a higher degree of intellectual clarity and critical ability to learn new concepts and ideas better and faster.

To sum up we are on a mission to make you realize what Erykah Badu said, “I planned my success. I knew it was going to happen.”

Success is not luck it’s a plan where one need to be consistent, steady, calm , focused and eager to know what you don’t .

And our mission is to make the success happen which you dreamt with us.

The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, and this you will become. – Anonymous

Vision is an indispensible part in the journey of fulfilling what one desire to be

Our vision is to create an arena of possibilities to turn every dream that is dreamt with us into reality.

Our vision is to discover the Potential of each candidate, make him understand his abilities and help him realize the benefits of his potential. In the process, we will do our best to learn from our own experience and also those of the candidate’s so that we will become the best in the stated objective.

Our vision includes creating a new world of learning where resource materials are created, Managed and used in the best interest of students. Based on the compelling truth that improving quality knowledge that is the key to the each and every success.

We aspire to be the Next world of creativity, inspiration and ambition where students become lifelong learner and develop necessary skills to crack this examination. Creating a world where innovation is the rule, not the exception.

Therefore our vision is to be the best in the field of creating the Next success stories by providing a rigorous learning ecosystem and developing excellence within our students. Focusing on innovative and meaningful learning experience where development of creative, critical, analytical and sustainable ideas is to be encouraged.

And here we know that vision without a task is only a dream. A task without a vision is but drudgery. But vision with a task is a dream fulfilled. And we aim at fulfilling each dream with our guidance and your support.

Our Teachers

As Principal I wish you a very warm welcome to Our School! We are at the heart of the London community and in.

IAS NEXT believes in a set of core values, values that define the drive, conduct, commitment and zest of the team.
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Of class of 2018

Bachelor’s recipients were employed

Of class of 2018

Bachelor’s recipients were employed


Bachelor’s recipients were employed

Our Teachers

Sudhanshu Mishra
Sudhanshu Mishra
Rajesh Verma
Rajesh Verma
Sudeep Pandey
Sudeep Pandey
Roshani Singh
Roshani Singh
Anubhav Singh
Anubhav Singh
I would highly recommend (on personal experience)to the aspirants for IAS NEXT coz at the first place... u get best faculty to guide you and their dedication on each and every student makes them stand out. coaching's proper guidance helped me to secure 42nd rank in UPPCSJ 2018 examination.
_Shipra Dubey, UPPCSJ
Sudhanshu Sir is commendable... He's not just a teacher.. I am very satisfied to have a best-experienced teacher for General Studies in the town. The Friday Assignment and Performance evaluation is of great assistance for students who are studying here.
_Bhavya Srivastava, UPPCSJ
Unlike other coaching institutes, Sudhanshu sir here gives ample amount of his time to solve even the smallest queries of the students which makes this institute the best of all.
_Komal Dhameja, UPPSC
las Next is a vibrant place, which focusses on Results/selection instead of profiteering. One of the best things about this place is the easy and liberal inter-personal communication between students and Mentors. Under the able guidance of Dr. Sudhanshu Mishra sir, the place has its own unique methodology of preparing students to face the exam. The place is well equipped with all the necessary furniture and fixtures and is fully air-conditioned. Classes are regularly held and are followed by objective/subjective tests.
_Sambhav Srivastava, UPPSC
Komal Dhameja
Sambhav Srivastava
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